PV61 PV 61

Spring loaded full lift safety valves with open bonnet
Inlet: DN 20 to 400, Outlet: DN 32 to 500
PN 16 to 100

The body PN 16 and PN 40 is casted, angle shaped, the inlet nozzle is it's integrated part. The seat ring is firmly pressed into it. The body PN 63 and PN 100, the casted body is provided with forged inlet nozzle with integrated seat. The flange's dimensions are according to EN 1092-1, respectively to EN 1092-2. The flat disc is equipped with lifting bell which is exposed to pressure of medium when the valve starts to open. The opening force is increased by this way, the result is quick opening of valve. The spring, which causes the closing/sealing force, is designed for specific range of set pressures, the fine setting is made through adjusting screw. The valve is equipped with lever, which serves for manual valve opening/functional test during the normal operating conditions of protected equipment.

Seslf-acting full-lift safety valve Series PV 61 is designed and certified as a safety device for automatic protection of pressure equipment (as a boiler, a pressure vessel, a pressure reduction station, a pipeline, etc.) against excessive pressure. The valve meets requirements of EN ISO 4126-1 standard and 97/23/EC (PED) directive.

Process media
Safety valves of Series PV 61 are designed to use for steam, air and an inert gases with temperature range from +5°C to +400°C which are compatible with used materials of the valve body and internal parts. It is recommended to use the cooler for a temperature above +350°C.

Catalogue sheets

Self-acting full-lift safety valve, spring loaded, angle, flanged,
with open bonnet Series PV 61