IKA1 IKA 150
IKA 220

Laminated thermoinsulated wrapping


Laminated thermoinsulated wrapping IKA serves for insulation of valves and other elements with purpose of reducing heat loss, protection against injuries such as burning and protection of actuators against unallowable temperature of the environment.
Wrapping IKA is made in two variants. IKA 150 is made of polyester non-absorbing fibre with low inflammability suitable for insulated surfaces up to 150°C. IKA 220 is made of glass fibre processed with silicon coating suitable for insulated surfaces up to 220°C. Middle, thermoinsulated layer consist of mineral felt laminated with a reflective aluminium foil.
Wrapping is equipped with flaps with velcro fastener. Laces at both ends enable proper tightening.


Thermoinsulated wrapping IKA serves especially for insulation of valves in steam-condensate and hot-water applications. IKA is used in power generation, heating, boiler rooms, heat exchanging stations and where there it is necessary or desirable to prevent considerable loss of heat. IKA provides personal protection against burning according to ČSN 07 0620, article 413 (temperature on the surface of the wrapping is max. 25°C higher than ambient temperature). IKA is designed for normal environment (not for explosives zones).
IKA excels with a quick and easy handling and it is possible to instal IKAin any position.

Catalogue sheets

01-09.6 Laminated termoinsulated wrapping IKA 150 a IKA 220