Steam cooling unit
DN 40 to 200, PN 16 to 320


Steam cooling unit (further the CHPE only) is a device designed to control the temperature of steam. CHPE consists of a body which it is a part of a steam pipeline and of an inlet port used for supply of cooling water. Internal shape is formed as a Venturi tube where there is a significant increasing of speed. This increased speed positively influences the quality of water atomization as well as evaporation velocity of water injected. The orifice plate is included in the output port of CHPE to increase the cooling effect. The throat followed by extended part in which there is the gap used to supply of cooling water. For better secession of the water stream there is tear-off edge provided.
A quantity of injection water is controlled by separate water control valve. Due to construction of CHPE it is capable of injecting water from zero values. The minimal water quantity is limited on its control valve only and maximal value is limited by the ratio between the mass of water and steam.The shape of Venturi tube causes low pressure drop in the stem pipeline for the recommended speed ranges of cooled steam. In these cases the pressure drop can be ingnored in the calculations. CHPE is supplied with flanged or welded connection possibly with their combination.

CHPE serves for precise and economical temperature regulation by a direct intalling of cooling water into steam flow. CHPE is designed especially for industrial applications such as low-pressure steam production in heating, steam circuits in power plants or technological processes.

Process media
CHPE is designed to inject cooling water without mechanical impurities. Application of CHPE for other process media must be considered to the used material that is in contact with the medium and it is recommended to consult with the manufacturer. For proper function of CHPE it is recommended to install strainer in front of the water control valve.

Catalogue sheets
02-03.6 Steam cooling unit CHPE