Control valves RV 501

Available in direct execution, pressure class PN 63, 100 and 160 in nominal diameter from DN 15 to 150. Connection is either flanged or welded. Characteristic feature of these valves is pressure-balanced plug and a possibility of choice between one-, two- and three stage throttling system. The dimensions of input and output channels are identical, the valve is primarily intended to control of liquids. Notwithstanding this fact, according to the material of used main parts of these valves may be used at temperatures up to 600°C.

Control valves RV 502 and RS 502

This line is analogous to the above described valve line with the difference that the output channel of  valve RV 502 is enlarged with pressure range PN 160/100. For this reason, the valve is especially suitable for regulating of steam. To increase the pressure gradient, which valve is capable of processing and to reduce noise in the outlet pipeline, valve can be equipped with one-, two- or three pcs of orifice plates in the outlet pipeline.
Valve, respectively reduction station RS 502, further extends the applicability of the described series of applications where it is at the same time required the pressure reduction and temperature control. It is essentially the valve RV 502, which is provided on the output flange for installation of the injection head. Currently, the company LDM offers two types of injection heads. These injection head, equipped with one or more (maximum three) mechanical spray nozzles, or injection head with a Laval nozzle, which is achieved perfect spraying using the kinetic energy driving steam, expanding in the nozzle. Using the first type of head is limited by the minimum quantity of cooling water in which is achieved perfect spraying. For higher quantity of spraying water is used the head with more nozzles that have ranked opening pressure, or to place a larger number of injection heads. It can be fitted into a separate section of the pipeline. Steam injection head on the other hand is used where it is necessary to fully disperse small quantities of cooling water and which is also a sufficient pressure gradient between driving and cooled steam. Depending on the chosen material can be injection head used for cooling of steam at temperatures up to 600°C.

Shut-off valves UV 526

Shut-off valves UV 526 are single-seated globe valves designed for shutting off flow of a media. The valves could be optionally equipped with shaped plug for rough control in case of demand. The valves are designed for applications in power generation and chemical processing industries. They are suitable for shutting off water, water vapour and other liquids and gases which are compatible with used materials of the valve body and internal materials. Shut-off valves UV 526 are designed to be actuated with hand wheel or with multi-turn electric actuators.