Control valves RV 701
Control valves RV 701 are single-seated valves with pressure balanced plug, manufactured in direct execution with weld ends. Multi-stage throttling system (according to the parameters of media and customer requirements are valves delivered with one-, two or three stage throttling system) is designed with the highest resistance against cavitation and its associated noise. The basic version of the valves are supplied with a seat leakage in class III according to DIN EN 1349, the requirement for such models, the increased leakage in class V of mentioned standards. The valves are supplied with graphite packing  "Live Loading" type with the central box of Belleville springs. Currently, the valves are supplied in diameters from DN 25 to DN 250, in pressure classes PN 160, 250, 320 and 400. Materials of valve bodies are cast carbon steel GP240GH (WN 1.0619), or a cast alloy steel 13CrMo4-5 (WN 1.7357), event. 23CrMoV9 GX-1 (WN 1.4931) allow using of these valves in a temperature range from -20 to 600°C. With regarding to the same size of input and output channel valves RV 701 are designed primarily to regulate of liquid flows. Valves are designed for use of a wide range of direct linear actuators both electric and pneumatic design.

Control valves RV 702 and RS 702
Control valves RV 702 are a variety of the above-mentioned type, designed to control the flow of steam and gases. This corresponds to an extended outlet channel, which can also be used to install one to three orifice plates, which increases the pressure gradient operated in the valve. These valves are also available in diameters of the input channel from DN 25 to 250, the output channels can be designed in the range of DN 25 to DN 600. The pressure class of the input channel can be changed in the range of PN 160 to PN 400, while the pressure class of the output channel is in the range of PN 16 to PN 160.
Valve, respectively reduction station RS 702 extends the applicability of the described series of applications where it is at the same time required reducing of the pressure and temperature control. It is essentially a valve RV 702, which is provided on the output by flange for installation of the injection head. Injection head are consistent with heads designed for valve series RS 502.