Notification in accordance with Act No. 171/2023 Coll., on the Protection of Whistleblowers (hereinafter referred to as the "Act") and with Directive (EU) 2019/1973 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23rd October 2019, on the protection of persons who report breaches of Union law (hereinafter referred to as the "Directive") can be submitted:

1. by means of internal reporting system:

  • in writing to the address L D M, spol. s r.o., Litomyšlská 1378, 560 02 Česká Třebová, in the letter labeled as „DO NOT OPEN, WISTLEBLOWING - into the hands of Designated Person only”
  • to the e-mail address whistleblowing
  • by reporting verbally in the headquarters (hereinafter referred to as the „HQ“) of the company on the address Litomyšlská 1378, 560 02 Česká Třebová to Human Resources Specialist (hereinafter referred to as the „HR Specialist“) or to the Administrative Department Office. Written report will be made on the basis of verbal account
  • by phone on telephone number +420 465 502 438 or +420 465 502 434

2. by means of public reporting system managed by Department of Justice of Czech Republic:
Chci podat oznámení - veřejnost - Oznamovatel (

Designated Persons within the framework of internal reporting system are:
HR Specialist, HR Office or Head of Administrative Department Office, Administrative Department Office; all in company HQ Litomyšlská 1378, 560 02 Česká Třebová.

Whistleblower is within the meaning of the law natural person reporting about possible unlawful activity, which was or would be carried out a) by other person, for which whistleblower did perform work or is performing work or other analogous activity (even mediated) or b) by person in contact with whistleblower in terms of work execution or other analogous activity and which:

  • has constituent elements of criminal act
  • has constituent elements of criminal offence for which the law sets upper limit of penalty rate at least 100 000 Kč
  • is breaking the Act
  • is breaking another legal regulations or regulations of the European Union in reference to the Act or the Directive

Mandatory entity precludes accepting of notifications from a person, which does not execute work for the mandatory entity or other similar activity with reference to § 2 paragraph 3 letter a), b), h) or i) of the Act for the mandatory entity.