12. 10. 2023

News in the product range!

New options of Pressure regulators have been added to RD 12x BEE line series.

  • RD 123 R - Self-acting bypass valve
  • RD 123 S - Self-acting input pressure regulator

These new products are designed for reducing of medium pressure when the pressure difference is exceeded or for limiting of the maximum pressure in controlled part of the pressure system. When the pressure difference or set pressure is exceeded, the valve opens. RD 123 is supplied in the nominal size range from DN 15 to DN 50 and in the pressure class of PN 25. RD 123 serie is designed for process media such as water, steam or air up to 1,0 MPa. Additionally RD 123 series are suitable for cooling mixtures and other non-aggresive liquid and gaseous media in the temperature range from +2°C to +150°C, optionally up to 180°C when supplied with cooling condensate well.

Valves are available from 10/2023. Here you can find the catalogue sheets and other technical documentation.