20. 03. 2020

LDM´s statement to the current situation of the coronavirus pandemic

Dear business partners,

We would like to inform you about our position and reaction to the current situation. The safety of our employees, our suppliers and our customers is paramount, so we study the evolving situation regarding coronavirus pandemic and follow the regulations and restrictions imposed by the competent authorities and the World Health Organization (WHO). At the company, measures have been taken to minimize the possible transmission of the contagion and we demand the same from both our suppliers and customers.

We are delighted to announce that, thanks to minimal More …

29. 11. 2019

The news in the product range!

The company LDM has prepared a new line of pressure regulators of the serie RD 200 line.
A several options of the product are available:

  • The regulators where the valve closes with increasing pressure / increasing pressure differentce:
    RD 212 D - Differential pressure regulator
    RD 212 P - Differential pressure regulator with flow limitation
    RD 212 V - Regulator of outlet pressure
  • The regulators where the valve opens with increasing pressure / increasing pressure differentce:
    RD 213 R - Pressure relief valve
    RD 213 S - Regulator of inlet press
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29. 11. 2019

What´s new in the programe Ventily, version 1.1.31

Pressure regulators of the serie RD 200 line (DN 65 - 150, PN 16 and 25).
Control valves of the serie CV 200 line (Class150) available.
Serie RV/RS 500 line has excluded from product portfolio. This series have been replaced by RV/RS 700 line.
About RV/RS 700 line :

  • the possibility of a choice of a balancing system execution
  • check of Δpmax limit
  • Ex execution
  • SP (Seismic Proof) execution specification in valve specification nr.

Information about a valve stroke.
Ppmax values revision with respect of the temperature acc. to the new edition of the standard EN 12516-1+A1 (3/2019).
New pneumatic More …